Guy Schwartz, CMC | Phone: 925-718-3286
Certified Mortgage Consultant
NMLS #5886

Monica Jolly | Phone: 925-718-3294
Loan Officer
NMLS #244060

Stacey Schwartz | Phone: 925-718-3295
Loan Officer
NMLS #243801

Who is Call GMS?

Call GMS is a team of three loan originators with the common goal of building relationships and synergizing the mortgage and homebuying processes for clients and referral partners.

Call GMS members include:

  • Guy Schwartz, a 33-year industry veteran who has earned the distinction of “Certified Mortgage Consultant” — the highest designation obtainable from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. He was the seventh person in California to receive this prestigious designation and is one of only 22 CMC’s currently in the state.
  • Monica Jolly, a senior mortgage expert, has worked with Guy for the past 20 years. She offers the rare insight – from her former position as a loan processor – to streamline the mortgage experience for Call GMS clients and partners.
  • Stacey Schwartz, an 11-year licensed loan originator who facilitated Guy’s launch into the lending industry, utilizes her past experience in client relations to ensure client and partner satisfaction.

Why do clients and referral partners Call GMS?

  • Integrity: Call GMS always does what is best for the client and delivers on the promises made. Call GMS is independent of any real estate company and works solely for you and your clients. While Call GMS loves to say “yes,” the team is knowledgeable enough to know when to say “no,” or, better yet, “here is a plan to get to yes.”
  • Service: The unwavering commitment of Call GMS to exceptional service means you can expect clear, concise answers to your questions, all the help you need, frequent updates, and a quick response to every one of your phone calls. Call GMS believes the transaction is not complete until the client is fully satisfied. For Call GMS, excellent service and competitive pricing are not mutually exclusive, because Call GMS recognizes that its clients deserve both!
  • Availability: Call GMS works the hours you do — including nights and weekends. Call GMS team members are never on vacation at the same time, and at least one member of the team is always available. Moreover, Call GMS tailors its communication to your preference, be it telephone, text, email or even Morse Code.
  • Individualized Approach to Financing: Call GMS recognizes that every client is unique, and as such, the Call GMS team uses its expertise to find the best solution for any home financing situation, regardless of how challenging. Rather than try to fit its clients into certain program guidelines, Call GMS uses a holistic approach that allows the team to cater to the needs and goals of the people it serves. Evaluating the options for clients is never an interruption to business at Call GMS — it is the reason for it!


With over 8,000 closed loans and 33 years of lending experience under his belt, Guy Schwartz has earned a number of titles, ranging from “The Mortgage Mensch” and “The Wizard” to “Certified Mortgage Consultant” — the highest designation obtainable from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

Partnering with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation allows Guy to offer industry-leading resources that streamline the mortgage process and facilitate better service, lower rates, shorter escrow periods, and enhanced communication within every transaction.

Guy loves guiding his clients and fellow loan agents through the mortgage maze, and everyone he works with can expect the same reliable integrity and unparalleled ethical code that have been the essence of his success since he started originating loans all those years ago.

Guy’s career in the lending industry also provides him the opportunity to learn something new every day, and he uses this constantly growing body of knowledge in concert with the training required to achieve his CMC status to educate both clients and colleagues alike. Teaching is, and always has been, Guy’s way of promoting ethics, expertise, respect and pride in providing a superior experience for the customer, and he is an active instructor for the continuing education classes that all licensed mortgage professionals are required to take annually. Moreover, Guy designed the coursework and provides the training for two tiers of loan officer boot camps — an introductory course for those new to residential lending and a PhD level course for more seasoned loan officers.
In addition to generating loans, Guy has also held positions as a branch manager, director of retail, sales manager and project manager, and he previously served as the education chairman for the California Association of Mortgage Brokers, as well as the president of the East Bay Chapter of CAMB.

Beyond being a loan officer and teacher, Guy also enjoys being the parent of two millennials and a husband to his wife, Stacey. His hobbies include sailing, reading non-fiction books, and listening to music ranging from classical and The Beatles to Zydeco and Enya.


Monica Jolly joined the lending industry in 1999, taking on positions as a loan processor and assistant prior to becoming a loan officer in 2000. With her experience in those positions, Monica is able to provide her clients and referral partners a rare level of insight that has directly led to the successful closing of thousands of loans.

Monica’s commitment to exemplary personalized service and her extensive knowledge of loan options, programs and requirements ensures your mortgage experience will be fast, smooth and tailor-made for your financial goals.


Stacey Schwartz was introduced to the lending industry 33 years ago by helping her husband, Guy Schwartz, build his pipeline of business. Since then, Stacey has used both her practical experience in financial services and her bachelor’s degree in economics from Tufts University to help thousands of clients fulfill their homeownership goals. Over the past three decades, Stacey has found true joy in being part of a team that is committed to providing its clients with the “more” in mortgage and long-term value as their lender for life.